PRESTIGE CARS – Summer 2010 – Out now!

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Holiday season is over and the latest edition of PRESTIGE CARS, summer 2010, is now available. It comes along in German and English, with international distribution to the automotive-enthusiasts.

Carried by extraordinary noble design, 148 pages in a first edition of 50.000 stir the blood of the premium target group.

Comment of the makers Steffen Korbach, publisher, and editor in chief Jan-Christopher Sierks: “Recent changes in media an especially in the print media mean for us that intrinsic value and exclusiveness are increasing in importance. The label itself does not count anymore. It depends on quality and content. This is what you find in PRESTIGE CARS.”

At you will find a live presentation of the current edition.

Elected instead of arbitrary mass. PRESTIGE CARS shows in outstanding quality and new dimension of engaging content for automotive connoisseurs – for connoisseurs of exceptional even beyond the asphalt strip.

The next print edition, fall 2010, will be published in November – as usual coming along with extensive 148 pages.

Novelties – Various selection
GTA Spano – 99 new heroes
PPI Design – More pressure on the designer-boiler
Mercedes E Convertible – I want to buy an E
BMW M3 – We need a sporty engine
Veritas RS III – Putting on the passion
Porsche Cayenne – The deepening of the width

List of wishes – For her
List of wishes – For him

Ellen Lohr – Column
Gemballa is back
The Robert Mondavi Story
Julia Sossinka – Happy Coincidence

The way into tax exile
Wealth Management

Vertu Ascent – Luxury mobile
American Express – Centurion Luxury Report
Apple – Can a brand be a religion
OriginTimes – Watch winders in the engine block
Mercedes Design – Style out of little swabia

Gran Melia Resort & Luxury Villas
Landhaus Stricker Sylt

Gumball 3000 Rallye
Lexus LFA – Meeting in Monaco
Bilster Berg – The Count’s test track
Opel & Riva – Practising at the lake
BMW Offroad – Hello Africa
Subaru Impreza – Boxed into the bend


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