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Audi Rs6 6222 in english | Audi RS6 - brutal elegance

How do you get a man to smile? For example, take him to an island with barley naked models. It promotes the reproductive drive, but it costs in retrospect a lot of family allowances. You could appeal to his hunting instincts and give him the new Audi RS6.

For two weeks I had him with me. Two weeks, this promised a lot of fun. Two weeks and 1.500 miles long, he was „MINE“. And, how I reluctantly gave him back…

Audi Rs6 3190 in english | Audi RS6 - brutal elegance

Decent grafted – Sporty trim business

Even this appearance. Sporty, but still elegant. At the front on the wide black-guards: the RS6 logo. To provide enough air, the inlets in the front have been enlarged. The fog light now sits alongside the Xenon headlights. This benefits the air flow in the front apron, which was also newly designed.

Together with the wider fenders and the daytime running lights, consisting of ten Led’s, the RS6 announces himself very present in the rear-view mirror of each left-track blocker. In order to save weight, the front fenders and the engine hood are made of aluminium.

Audi Rs6 3194 in english | Audi RS6 - brutal elegance

Also, the side view is dynamic. Apart from the sporting side, the citizens of Ingolstadt tear with standard 19-inch, optional with 20-inch aluminium wheels, if applicable. The stern also has been optimized. In addition to a broad diffuser, at the left and right oval exhaust tailpipes are used. The luggage compartment is integrated in the flap rear spoiler and ensures reduced lift on the road.

Practicality – Sports lounge

The RS6 is more like a sporty business limousine with a high daily benefit. All attributes of the A6 are also obtained in the high-performance version. So the interior shines and has still a lot of comfort and spaciousness for the driver and front passenger. I wanted to do this immediately.

Audi Rs6 3172 in english | Audi RS6 - brutal elegance

Already on the first day, the RS6 had its everyday practicality test. There was a larger desk I’ve wanted to buy. This small test the Audi won with flying colours. The already large trunk (546 litres) had, thanks to the split folding rear seat, much room to expand. All desk items fit easily into the giant boot. The everyday life test the Audi has passed flawlessly.

Audi RS – 15 years of know-how

Since 1994, the RS emblem stands for the spearhead of the respective model series. At that time the citizens of Ingolstadt mount the RS2 with a powerful 315 hp five-cylinder in cooperation with Porsche. Audi distanced themselves successfully from the conservative image with the sporty S and RS series of and shone instead with dynamic design and powerful engines.

Audi Rs6 3208 in english | Audi RS6 - brutal elegance

An Audi, which is allowed to wear the RS logo on the front, presents superior technology. Even the technical data should let tremble some riders of sport sprinters. The Audi RS6 marches with 426 kW (580 hp), if applicable. In 4.5 seconds, he sprints from 0 to 100 Only ten seconds later he reaches 200th speed. Upon customer request, the maximum speed of 250 to 280 km / h will be raised. Even then he still has enough air for more speed.

The power of ten cylinders – ‘Ingolstädter’ Engineering

Responsible for this extreme level of excellence in sports, is an extremely potent V10 FSI with five liters of displacement, dry sump lubrication and bi-turbo charging. Turbohole? No way! On a wide speed range from 1500 to 6250 rpm there is a enormous torque of 650 Nm available. More Power!. Per cylinder bank is one loader available to ensure a constant thrust.

Audi Rs6 92384 in english | Audi RS6 - brutal elegance

Who can take the RS6 for a ride, can roughly understand how Superman feels. This enormous power with a bold print on the accelerator, makes sure that the grin stays on the face. Despite the 2 tonnes deadweight, the RS6 has to bare, he advances relentlessly, not least thanks to the quattro drive. With this car, there are no more real opponents, rather pitiful victims. Overtaking are comparable to a blink.

Tiptronic: 3 switch variants

The six-speed Tiptronic behaves in an exemplary maner. Setting the selector to D the RS6 reacts justly for the city, gear changes are barely perceived. Smaller gas shocks are rapidly, but cautiously accepted. Only when one pushes the accelerator, the sporting character of the RS6 comes back to light.

Audi Rs6 3183 in english | Audi RS6 - brutal elegance

When the selector is switched to S, it moves forward much more aggressive. Nowadays, even a small intermediate push with the feet and the Audi stretches the muscles for a quick sprint.

Who wants beat the switching gears manually, using paddles up and down. Again and again, because then the most beautifull intermediate gas sounds are coming down from the tailpipes.

RTEmagicC Audirs6innenraum Jpg in english | Audi RS6 - brutal elegance

The interior – luxury sports

The interior of the RS6 is sporty and luxurious. Aluminium bars with initial RS6 lettering receive driver and passenger when boarding. The comfortable leather sports seats with embossed RS6-type, have even at fast cornering a good lateral support. The speedometer also welcomes with RS6 logo and displays a max of 320 km / h.

Decor Elements from Carbon adorn both of the central tunnel and the decorative elements in the doors. The multi-function sport leather steering wheel lays comfortably in the hand and is in reference to racing down flat.

Audi Rs6 3178 in english | Audi RS6 - brutal elegance

The multi-function keys feel good and give you quick access to telephone, navigation and audio functions. The shift paddles are located directly behind the steering wheel and you can therefore operate good also during the trip curve.

The MMI operating system is a matter of taste and behind the shifter rather poorly positioned. A user-friendly positioning in front of the shifter, as in the Audi R8, would have been a much better choice. Also annoying is the positioning of the speaker control on the passenger side. Thus, the driver is no longer entirely the master of the sounds, which escape out of the excellent Bose system.

Audi Rs6 3219 in english | Audi RS6 - brutal elegance

The chassis: Comfort, Dynamic or Sport?

The optional sports suspension plus sets itself on the respective needs of the driver, thanks to the dynamics of technology-ride, and guarantees carefree progress in everyday life. By pushing a button, the driver can decide how comfortable he wants to move forward. So in the comfort mode it is very relaxed on the matter, soil roughness are very well spring-mounted, perfect for family rides. The dynamic mode is the optimal balance between comfort and sportiness. This mode makes you basically never get wrong.

If it looks sporty on the road, or even on the track, it should go ahead, just the push of a button and the RS6 is taut and tired on the asphalt. This allows the ESP to be switched off in two steps.

Audi Rs6 6323 in english | Audi RS6 - brutal elegance

The first push on the ESP Button allowes dynamic cornering with a small security anchor, the second stage switches the electronics completely. But even then the RS6 is not getting worked up. Thanks to Quattro.

That is possible to track with the RS6 in the curves is beyond question. Thanks to the back-heavy drive, drifts are even possible, but only with much coaxing coarse executes. For this discipline, there are undoubtedly better companions. But it is the idea that you could, if you like.

Audi Rs6 3089 in english | Audi RS6 - brutal elegance

The consumption: cough, cough….

Consumption, as measured by the performance data, is within an acceptable range. On average, the RS6 did it with 17 to 16 MPG of gasoline. In the city the consumption, especially when there are a lot of traffic lights, is significantly high. Values around 13 MPG to 12 are not uncommon.

Who is disciplined with the pedal, the route Frankfurt – Hamburg (340 miles) is possible, with one tank and a consumption of 18 MPG. More could also be possible, but who the hell buys itself some 600 hp to save petrol and to skulk on Germany’s motorways?

Who drives much on highways, may also like some security features. Thus, the driver with all sorts of technical folderol, such as lane keeping assistant, right angle-alerter in the rear-view mirrors and Distance Control feel well looked after.

Audi Rs6 3113 in english | Audi RS6 - brutal elegance

Brute force – optional with ceramic

To curb this brute power, the brakes must apply at any time excellence output. Ensure standard 390 mm front brake discs with six-piston aluminium saddle. At the rear wheels the brake disks with 365 mm in diameter and one piston-floating saddles are used.

Who is still a little „manageable“, may resort to ceramic brakes, in combination with the 20-inch wheels. This reduces the weight by 12.2 pounds and it holds to 300,000 km. Besides the imposing surcharge, there are huge brake discs with a diameter of 420 mm at the front and 356 mm on the rear axle.

Audi Rs6 3215 in english | Audi RS6 - brutal elegance

Conclusion: At Audi currently everything is running just beautifully. Both in design and technology, Audi is currently on the fast lane, and certainly with a car like the RS6. Of course we can discuss about the meaning and purpose of such a vehicle, but the fact is that there is a market for such vehicles.

Audi has been understood, to not transform the RS6 to a prole car. Instead, the RS6 is educated and well-behaved and is always good to handle. Also, the visibility was in positive. That is been rare. Ultimately you will probably get from A to B with a 2.0 TDI  – the only question is, who will have more fun.

Audi Rs6 3103 in english | Audi RS6 - brutal elegance


text : Mario-Roman Lambrecht
pictures: Mario-Roman Lambrecht
interior picture: Audi AG
Video+Soundfile : Helge Heggblum
translation: Monsha


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