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Hurray, spring is here at last! The beautiful weather adds to the fun of everything that is exclusive and rattles and rolls on wheels.

Appropriately, we have convertibles of Audi, BMW and Jaguar in this issue. And despite their lack of open roofs, the heart of every enthusiast will beat faster at the sight of the Aston Martin Virage, Koenigsegg Agera, McLaren MP4-12C and Pagani Huayra. All of the automotive dreams went through our hands recently.

We also interviewed Tamara Ecclestone, one of the world’s wealthiest heiresses. Young, sexy and rich is a wonderful mixture.

The new footwear collection by Michael Schumacher also came under our gaze. This is the result of an alliance with a highly regarded Swiss footwear label.

Our look at the Classic scene covers at a very special 1970s Mercedes Coupe, and a fantastic pair of rally Porsches. Back in the 21st Century, a personalised Lamborghini from the United States combines power and luxury.

Koenigsegg Agera – Club 400
Koenigsegg Agera – The 400 club

BMW 650i Cabrio – GT-Gelüste
BMW 650i Cabrio – GT-Lust

Infiniti FX50 S – Das Gesicht in der Luxus-Masse
Infiniti FX50 S – A new face in the luxury world

Aston Martin Virage – Die nächste Stufe
Aston Martin Virage – The next level

Pagani Huayra – Wahrer Geniestreich
Pagani Huayra – Pure genius

McLaren MP4-12C – Selfmade-Superwagen
McLaren MP4-12C – Home grown supercar

Gemballa – Auf der Überholspur
Gemballa – Mistrale and Tornado approaching

Neuheiten – Vielfältige Auswahl
Novelties – Various selection

Wunschzettel – Für Sie
List of wishes – For her

Wunschzettel – Für Ihn
List of wishes – For him

Navyboot und Michael Schumacher bringen Luxus-Sneaker
Navyboot and Michael Schumacher create luxury sneakers

Ellen Lohr – Kolumne
Ellen Lohr – Column

Interview Tamara Ecclestone
Interview Tamara Ecclestone

Welttournée eines Elektroautos
World tour by electric car

Reinhard Loeven – Touren im Sportwagen
Reinhard Loeven – Touring by sports car

Georgios Engonidis – Kunst von Giorgio
Georgios Engonidis – The art of Giorgio

Zahlt sich ein Börsengang für Mittelständler aus?
IPOs for medium sized companies pay off

Weltmacht USA vor dem Staatsbankrott
Is the United States heading for bankruptcy?

Porsche Design – Leder für Ladies und Gentlemen
Porsche Design – Leather for ladies and gentlemen

Carlsbad Advanced Design Center – Zeit für Design
Carlsbad Advanced Design Center – Design time

Chapman Freeborn
Chapman Freeborn

Hotel Petit Ermitage
Hotel Petit Ermitage

Audi Quattro – Auf allen Vieren geht es besser
Audi Quattro – Better on all fours

BMW Connected Drive – Trip unter Anleitung
BMW Connected Drive – Guided trip

Mechatronik M5 Coupé – Aus alt mach neu
Mechatronik M5 Coupé – Something old, something new

Porsche Classics – Wahre Liebe
Porsche Classics – True love

Audi R8 V10 Spyder – Open for Business
Audi R8 V10 Spyder – Open for business

Platinum Motorsport Murciélago – Ins Herz geschlossen
Platinum Motorsport Murciélago – Braveheart


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