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Official PRESTIGE CARS Location

PRESTIGE CARS has begun the process of appointing Official PRESTIGE CARS Location distribution points, and will also give recognition to the best sites.

First-class facilities such as luxury-car dealers, top hotels, business clubs and other trendy locations, which distribute PRESTIGE CARS magazine will be eligible for nomination.

Once a year, readers of PRESTIGE CARS will be able to decide on the best venues, nominated in different categories through an online voting process.

How it works: The publisher of PRESTIGE CARS offers the magazine through select outlets that position themselves with an affinity for exclusive automobiles and the finer things in life.

These First Class locations must offer tangible value to their customers, visitors or members, as well as share the enthusiasm for unique automotive-based things in life.

Such a location may be marked with the Official PRESTIGE CARS Location in credit card sized emblem, in the entrance area for example. In addition, the establishment may request the facility of integrating the emblem into their own web pages.

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Official PRESTIGE CARS Location

The advantages are obvious: locations such as hotels with their corporate logo and contact details will appear in the magazine, as well as here on This will help to generate an additional level of awareness of a company’s offerings.

PRESTIGE CARS will publicise the annual award and its winners through the magazine print campaigns and online banner campaigns.

Many well-known venues such as the country house hotel Stricker on Sylt, retailers such as Bentley Hamburg, restaurants like Balthazar in Cologne, and events like Top Marques Monaco already distribute the magazine.

If you are interested in becoming an Official PRESTIGE CARS Location, please contact the publishing team at:

location (at) prestigecars (dot) ch

We welcome applications from hotels, car dealers, event organisers, business clubs, retailers, banks, restaurants, bars and other trendy venues.

Please enter your callback number.

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